Pouch of Sticky Chai

  • The original Sticky Chai blend in 200g, 500g or 1kg pouch ready to crack open and brew up for those non-believers. 

    Seasoned chai drinkers will immediately be able to appreciate the uncommonly bold and aromatic flavor of Sticky Chai’s original blend. Each of the ten 100% natural ingredients has been carefully selected and handled in such a way as to maximize its inherent vitality; from freshly grinding our seven spices in-house in small batches to our insistence on using raw honey to the delicate hand blending of our single estate teas. The result is a uniquely intense natural product.

    Instructions for a traditional stove-top brew on the back so you don't get any funny ideas. 

  • Sticky Chai contains two single estate teas grown at high elevation in the Nilgiri mountains of southern India. The combination of a short leaf for strong flavour and liquor and the longer FOP for body and sweetness makes for a more complex yet smooth chai drunk either black or in the traditional manner with milk.


    We source only high quality spices to ensure that all seven included in the original blend maintain clean and easily isolated flavours that can be enjoyed for their own character.


    Our raw iron bark honey from the north coast of NSW gives a delicate natural sweetness to the tea whilst providing incredible preservation properties to the product.  Raw honey is recognised for its strong antibacterial function as well as health benefits. 

Category: Tea

Type: Chai

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