About Us


Sticky Chai is handmade by two tea-lovin’ chaps who like to pass the time crafting delights from scratch in the kitchen. We passionately blend luxurious teas, loads of spice and raw honey, so you get all natural, and no funny business!

It all started off one July inside an old stable in the foothills of the Blue Mountains where we perfected our Sticky Chai between long discussions about the what ifs, the why nots and perennial attempts to revive old japanese cycles.


Now, a year or so on, we have made our way to the Inner West where we have built a tea den in the depths of an old brick factory. In addition to the new Sticky Chai digs we have launched our specialty coffee roasting project - Blind Man Coffee and opened up a small cafe in the front of the factory at 122 Chapel St, Marrickville.  Please pop in for a chai sometime!